Piece by Piece is a non-profit arts program and social enterprise, whose mission is to provide low-income and formerly homeless people free mosaic art workshops using recycled materials to develop marketable skills, self-confidence, earned income, and an improved quality of life. 

The genesis of Piece by Piece was an inspirational trip to South Africa. After visiting several micro-enterprise agencies abroad and recognizing a need in our own communities, Founder Sophie Alpert decided to replicate the model with a program which would empower participants in underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

In 2007, Piece by Piece launched the first mosaic workshop in South Los Angeles, using recycled materials as the primary art supply.  Broken tile, glass, china and found objects were transformed into creative works of art. The caliber of talent and artistic quality that has emerged is a testament to the professional artists that facilitate workshops.

Piece by Piece workshops build community and a sense of belonging. Learners are inspired to set goals for themselves and are invested in the success of others. The resulting impact is improved connection, esteem and motivation lending to increased stability and quality of life. Their skills training series offers opportunities for advancement and earnings, promoting the achievement of each person to his or her highest potential.  

Their unique program creates a culture of mutual support and high expectations for individual success. Participants train in the context of meaningful contribution to the learning community, with personal connection being the key factor promoting achievement. Learn more by visiting their website at www.piecebypiece.org.